Requirements (Wholesale)

Terms and Requirements

Wholesale & Consignment Terms are negotiable based on reoccurring orders with 90 day periods.

  1. Prices and Payment.

1.1 Prices. Merchandise prices and minimum order quantities of Merchandise are set forth in Line Sheet. Note: For Line Sheet info: or viewed:

 1.2 Purchase Orders. Customer must submit written or digital purchase orders for the Merchandise no later than 10 business days prior to the requested delivery date, setting forth quantity, type, and requested delivery date of Merchandise. Purchase orders received fewer than 10 business days prior to the requested delivery date shall be filled at Seller’s discretion and subject to express shipping charges (to be paid by Customer if necessary). All orders are processed subject to availability.

1.3 Payment. Customer will be invoiced for Merchandise orders and payment is due within 30 days of invoice date. Payments are considered late starting 10 business days after the due date. Seller may withhold fulfillment of Customer’s additional purchase orders until past due payments, including any finance charges, are received in full.

1.4 Refund or Buy-back. Within 30 days of the conclusion of the Term, Customer may return any unsold Merchandise item(s) in original condition to Seller for a full refund of the invoice price of such Merchandise item(s) (or for credit to any outstanding invoice). Customer shall bear the cost of shipping, handling and insurance for returned Merchandise.

  1. Shipping. Customer will be responsible for all Merchandise shipping and handling expenses, including (if applicable), customs clearance, import/export fees, freight risks and insurance, and Customer may be required to act as the importer of record for international shipments. Customer must notify Seller of any claimed shipping error or damage within 10 days of receipt of Merchandise. Customer’s failure to give such notice within that 10-day period shall be deemed a waiver of Customer's claim for incorrect or damaged shipments.
  2. Returns. Within 10 days of Customer’s receipt of Merchandise, Customer may return (i) Merchandise that does not conform to Seller’s product specifications or (ii), Merchandise damaged or shipped incorrectly if notice of condition is given within 10 days of receiving the merchandise. Returns will be credited to Customer’s account or replaced.


      Company Name: Smoots LLC 

      Company Structure/Founded: 2015

      DUNS#: 07-857-4856

      Sector: Consumer Goods

      Industry: Footwear/Apparel Men’s & Women’s 

      NAICS#: 424320.05, 424320 

      SIC Codes: 2322, 2321, and 2341

      Freight and Drop Shipping to B2B or B2C

      API & EDI integration

      UPC/GTIN/ Barcoding integration