What happens when a brand invokes You to BE… Comfort Conscious.

Smoots was started in 2015 creating sustainable men’s underwear as an online retailer. Smoots has grown since then, expanding into our niche comfort conscious footwear brand. Smoots footwear are made with Cotton, Bamboo and Recycled rubber soles.

Company Culture and Info:

Being Comfort Conscious is a state of Consciousness-

Knowing that ONE knows ONESELF-

And that ONENESS is of ALL-

And that ONE lives in COMFORT-

Smoots design, market and manufacture our Comfort Footwear with this simple Self Awareness in Mind and Soul…For you to be in Comfort…And to seek that Comfort within YOU.


Ken Kammal, President/Owner -Bio

Ken Kammal is the consummate creative figure behind Smoots vision and purpose. One of the major factors in fueling Ken Kammal is his Love for the unknown and creating through the Eyes of the SOUL. Ken Kammal envisions Smoots Brands as invoking our Souls through this Art form known as Comfort Conscious Design.

With a background in business and product development as well as finance. Ken Kammal has made this industry leap to the footwear and fashion world. And with his ambitions set on invoking an optimal industry. You can bet on his design and marketing prowess imitating his passion. And that is his pursuit in the totality of LOVE within ALL.

Smoots Materials and Manufacturing:

Smoots Brands are made with natural, organic and sustainable creations of the Earth-- such as-- but, not limited to; Cotton, Flax, Hemp, and Bamboo as well as recycled materials made by Humans.

Fact Sheet 

  • Smoots apparel is OEKO certified; OEKO tested for harmful chemicals
  • Smoots Footwear Soles are made with Recycled Rubber
  • Smoots has Antifungal, Antibacterial and Hypoallergenic promoting properties.
  • Smoots Footwear promotes Wellness and are highly breathable. 

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