You may be puzzled about what Smoots can do for you. And how as well as where you are going to use Smoots. Smoots Footwear is a comfort conscious footwear, travel wear, and leisure wear that you can use for your daily lifestyle. Here’s 11 ways how you can use Smoots:



Tired of those barefoot moments when trying to get passed through TSA? We know you don’t like the hassle of taking off your shoes, it is the least object you want to surrender. And, we know that you hate the cold feeling of your feet touching the tile floor. With those germs --coming into contact --with your feet or clean socks. Nasty, right? We get it. That is why we made SMOOTS Comfort Conscious Footwear. Protecting your feet with the wellness you deserve. 100% checkpoint friendly. Try it!



From home to airport, to hotel, to amusement park, to site-seeing places, to anywhere! Smoots is made up of breathable cotton, bringing comfort to your feet. You can walk and drive all day with it. Plus, it’s sustainable!


  1. WORK

Smoots Comfort Conscious Footwear is right for you. When it comes to jobs like standing around all day waiting and talking to customers, traveling from place to place, or running other errands. Stressful…huh? We can’t take out your stress completely away. But we help you minimize it by providing your feet with the comfort you love. You can wear it under your desk while working. Even just sitting in a meeting or walking around the office during office hours or afterhours.



You can be couch potato or binge watch Netflix all day! Or, enjoy a walk outside and enjoy the cool breeze and sun. Watch your favorite sporting event or tailgate in your Smoots. It’s always good for that Monday morning quarter-back conversation.



Some people who love to do yoga often think of what shoes they will wear. Yes, sneakers will do, but save it for running. You can also be barefoot, but you don’t want to darken your soles with floor germs or ground dirt. Flip flops? It’ll slip off.  Socks? Too slippery. Why not Smoots comfort conscious footwear? It’s the right choice for your meditation, whether indoor or outdoor. It helps you to ease your mind and spirit with comfort and wellness of Smoots.



There is nothing like being in a stress-free zone with your Smoots. Out in the woods, or in the mountains, with your feet campfire surrounded by friends, family, or just by yourself. A perfect match for your camping gear. Smoots comfort-conscious footwear is made from nature, and you will love using Smoots in nature. And even for that late-night call of nature! If you’re up in the middle of the night because you have to go, you don’t need to find your shoes. Because you can wear Smoots while you’re dozing off in the tent. Or if you don’t want to, you can just slip on your Smoots in one go and you’ll be out in the tent quick as a fox.



Classify your footwear with the type of sport you play. With sports like cycling, kickboxing, walking, billiards, or even driving, Smoots comfort conscious footwear is fit for your lifestyle. While your head is game-conscious, make your feet comfort-conscious. It helps you concentrate while controlling your movement with ease, giving you the comfort you desire. Win-win!



Smoots may rhyme with ‘boots’, but we don’t sell expensive shoes with the fur. We can guarantee that. Smoots is not high-class, but it is highly-­breathable and hypoallergenic (which makes it feel like high-end gear). Whether it’s winter, rainy, or windy season, it gives you the right warmth for your feet with its creative blend of fabric. Perfect when you’re staying out at night or inside a cabin, relaxing by the fireplace with wine or hot coco, or snuggling with your loved one beside you. If you’re single, don’t worry! Smoots is here for you, too! (At least snuggling with your feet, that is)



If you just want to be out, strutting your swag, Smoots comfort-conscious footwear can take your sense of style to another level. You walk with comfort, you walk with confidence, you walk in Smoots.



If you are in a hurry to go out of your house, like running errands, going to the store, or you need to get the mail, or some emergency came up, you don’t hassle yourself and waste your time finding your other pair of socks or shoes. With Smoots, you can slip them on. Simple and easy Smoots Footwear.



Your Smoots is not just for outdoors, for work, or for sports. If you’re up for a nap on the couch or you just want to sit down, lay back, and take a rest, slip on some comfort-conscious footwear and relax. Smoots is here for you even in the comfort of your home.

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