The International Travel Goods Show 2017 is the most memorable event of our brand experience and the most exciting for us so far. It turned out to be more exhilarating than we thought, with so many unexpected happenings in three days. We got to introduce our brand, meet new people, and oh yeah!... We got to win an award!

The ITGS 2017 is the world’s largest trade show for travel products, organized and sponsored by the Travel Goods Association. It was held in the Las Vegas Convention Center on April 5-7, 2017. Along with Smoots, more than 500 brands from all over the world came together in fabulous sin city of Las Vegas. Driving consumers, retail buyers, and media coverage from more than 50 nations to witness these unique and creative travel products displayed under one roof.

The show was the first-ever product launch of Smoots Comfort Conscious Footwear. Retailers, as well as exhibitors, approached us asking about Smoots and its uniqueness and authenticity of the brand (since we are new, plus you don’t get to see a checkpoint-friendly footwear every day).

Which is probably the reason why we were picked as one of the winners of the Product Innovation Award of 2017, along with other cool, new brands of travel products. And, because of that we are deeply thankful for this tremendous experience.

It is safe to say that people are amazed by Smoots. And they not only want it, they love it! And we’re not stopping now. For next year’s Travel Good Show, we are going all out-- again.

And if you missed the last show, here’s your chance again in 2018. We are inviting you for the second time around to witness more of Smoots Comfort Conscious Footwear and Apparel. Stay tuned!

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